Thursday, June 24, 2010

Funny story

So do you remember my post

Well today I got a reminder about that.

The same guy that inspired the other post
text me today.

(I had already deleted his number
but I knew it was him)

He said,"So are we just not going to talk anymore?"

My reply, "Yeah pretty much"
(I am kind of a brat, I know but he deserved that!)

He asked, "Why"

I said, "We are looking for different things.
I am done."

His response,
"K do me a favor, delete me from your phone and from your life.  Maybe when you grow up you should look me up."

What? Really? 
I need to grow up when you are the one saying that?

I didn't dignify this with a response.

Then about five minutes later I get this text from him
"By the way. Richfield blows a$$, and your style is horrible."

Yeah, really those were the words.

I think we are all really happy that this
BOZO is now officially out of my life!

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