Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What can brown do for you?

Here is an idea
How about you deliver my package
I ordered it last Monday
You said yesterday it was out for delivery
It still is not at my home today

Brown...You suck

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ready to Love

This is a song that I cant stop listening to so I thought I would share!
Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Lady Antebellum

Ready To Love Again lyrics

Seems I was walking in the wrong direction
I barely recognized my own reflection, no
Scared of love, but scared of life alone
Seems I've been playin' on the safe side baby
Building walls around my heart to save me, oh
But it's time for me to let it go.
Yeah, I'm ready to feel now
No longer am I 'fraid of the fall down
It must be time to move on now
Without the fear of how it might end
I guess I'm ready to love again.

Just when you think that love will never find you
You run away but still it's right behind you, oh
It's just something that we can't control
Yeah, I'm ready to feel now
No longer am I 'fraid of the fall down
It must be time to move on now
Without the fear of how it might end
I guess I'm ready to love again.
So come and find me
I'll be waiting up for you
I'll be holding out for you tonight

Yeah, I'm ready to feel now
No longer am I 'fraid of the fall down
It must be time to move on now
Without the fear of how it might end
I guess I'm ready, ready to love again.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm in love...

with this blog!

She has been mentioned on another blog I love

so tonight I decided to check it out

She thinks like me...
She phrases things the way I wish I could without being scared of what others might say

She does things I have thought of doing,
but then again got scared and disregarded the idea.

I am loving every word
It is my newest must read!

a little tease to prove just how wonderful this blog is:

So my dearest, darling-est, dreamiest husband-to-be, know this...

don't take me to the opera. or the rainbow room. don't take me in a carriage ride through central park or a weekend getaway. i'm not even sure i need you to get down on one knee. but do it on the door step. on the front stoop. sitting next to me. on the same level. turn to me and ask me to be your best friend, your lover, your absoulte equal. so that when we can go inside and begin our life together, as we've always known we should.

That being said, you sure as hell better ask my father first.  I believe in chivalry.  And I was raised in the South.

And even though I'm not from the South,
take note of that last still applies.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Today I need one of these

My hips are aching

I cant stand up,
I cant sit down,
I cant lay down,
without it hurting!

I am hobbeling around the house,
and my parents are laughing at me.

This is not fun...

Story of why I feel this way will come later...
at least it is funny....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things that bug...

Lately I have noticed people using a lot of terms
that just rub me the wrong way.
Dont get me wrong its fine to use abreviations,
or have nick-names for people or things,
but sometimes it is best to keep them to yourself
or to the person who shares those feelings,
not post them pubicly on Facebook.

Sorry to anyone who uses these terms,
they are lame!
Please refrain from using them around me.

  • My Boy/My Girl (unless you are black, you sound like a loser referring to your friends this way, this is also different then putting the phrase "all the girls" or "the boys" or something referring to a large group under a picture.)
  • My BFF for every single friend you have (no obviously this person is not your Best Friend Forever if the last 5 friends you saw/talked about/took pictures with were your BFF! Pick one and even then can you just refer to them as your friend, or your good friend? Thanks!)
  • You went home to Richy...the town is called Richfield
  • You are going to R-Town...again the name is Richfield
  • Replacing the letter S with the letter Z...I am not the best speller in the world but at least I know the sound each of these letters make when used in a word, just saying (again if you are not black you look like a fool for using this)

These are just a few examples.
Sorry you get to hear my venting today!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Shabby Apple

I have posted before about Shabby Apple,
so you know my love for them already!

Normally you have to order a dress before you can try it on,
but not this weekend!

They are hosting an easter-egg hunt in Provo this weekend!
I have the day off, so I just might drive up there
and see if I can pick me up a dress...
or 2!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Welcome Brooke!

So a fabulous girl from my home town has made a blog!
I am already loving it, and shes only had 3 posts!

If you want a great read about wonderful finds,
I highly recommend!

Oh and why the picture of the chihuahua?
She has an adorable one named Macy!

(photo found here)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy List

I've made one of these before,
but I think it is time for a new one!

Taza over at The Rockstar Diaries posts these lists from people often,
and it is so fun to read the small things that make them happy!
It also helps remind me of the small things that makes me happy!

  1. Re-watching a movie that I can quote in my sleep
  2. Flowers blooming after months of cold weather and snow
  3. The Book of Mormon
  4. The smell of cookies or some other treat baking
  5. New shoes
  6. My nieces and nephews
  7. Hearing a new song that I connect to instantly
  8. Red Lipstick
  9. Stargazing or looking out over the city lights
  10. Looking at pictures that bring back the memories

What are the small things that make you happy?

(photo found here)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Did you see?

Shabby Apple launched their new Central Park and Baja lines this week!

I am loving these from the Baja line

The Sundance Kid

The Travelor

And these from the Central Park Line

 The Bethesda Foutain

The Shakespeare Garden

and The Sheep Meadow

I love dresses!
I love Shabby Apple for making cute, modest dresses!

I want these plus the 5 or so other ones in the
Manhattan, Carousel and the 1943 collections!

And yes I know I have a shopping problem,
and that looking at these dresses doesn't help that!

Keep dreaming right...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I promise there wont be to many more...

But I still have a few pictures from St. Thomas that I need to put up on the blog.

While I was down there I did more then just play,
I worked over 40 hours a week.
The people in my store and building are people that
I came to really enjoy being with and
I miss them.

Me and Bev

Me and Melissa

Me, Geoffrey and Kassidy
He was the PL for the Carnival Vicotry.
The best was he started on that ship only
1 week after we got there.  So he was one that
learned with us, and it was always good to
see him every Monday!

Me and Mario
He had a little sunglass shop under the stairs
in the same building as Del Sol.
He was so funny and I definitly miss him!

Meagan and Laura
I dont know why I dont have a picture of
just me and Laura at work! 
But this picture of her and Meg is classic!

There are other girls I miss,
Arrika, Sheryl, Vanessa, and Tasha.
And there are times when I even miss
Jaliem and Brian.

It was definitly a different experience working down there,
but it was so great to learn about a whole
different market then one I am use to.
The cruise ship market is a great one at times,
but it is still hard!

I am so greatful for this learning experience!
Thanks again Del Sol for the amazing opportunity!

Friday, March 5, 2010

If it kills me

I heard this song today while getting ready and it made me think of this dance...

The first time I heard this sond was when this dance was
originally preformed on
So You Think You Can Dance! 
If you know me, you know that every since this time I have
become completely obsessed with this song!
It is the most played song on my computer
(which probably isn't showing a correct number since you have to listen to the whole thing for it to register you listening to it once!)
And it is also the most played song on my Ipod.
(if you know me at all, you realize that is huge!)

There are 2 versions of this song,
I recommend the accostic version,
it is so much better then the original!

Here is the full song

I honestly dont know why I love it so much,
I just do!

(Here is a link to the lyrics as well if you want)

Also I hope you have a great weekend!
Wish me luck on my test I have to take in the morning!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The difference between a grown-up and a teenager

A few weeks ago my niece asked me a simple question,
"Laurie are you a teenager or a grown-up?"

Hmmm well I guess since I am no longer in my teens I am a grown-up right?

Apparently not in her way of thinking!
When I told her this her reply was simple,
"Oh I wasn't sure because I thought you had to have
a husband to be a grow-up."

Well guess I fail in that area then...
Does this mean I don't have to have any other grown-up
resposibilitys then like having a job and paying bills?

(photo found through Google)