Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little Letters

Dear Taza @ The Rockstar Diaries: You inspired me to do these little letters from your own little letters! Thanks for making a very fun and exciting blog to read daily that makes me feel inspired to do more!

Dear Weather: Kassidy was going to teach me how to kayak today. Then you decided to do a 180 a half hour before we were to go. Please make this up to me before I leave for St. Thomas where I will need to know how to kayak.

Dear Del Sole: Thank you for selecting me for an internship. I can't wait to start. But why is your information packet taking so long to get here?

Dear Maurices: I have loved working for you and will miss you and my discount terribly when I leave.

And finally Dear Mom and Dad: I love you, but stop leaving me so often at night. I know I am a big girl, but I get scared in the house all by myself and the couch is no fun to sleep on!

Love to you all, Laurie

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random happenings in July

Well other then the 4th we did have a few fun adventures.
The first was that Collin was blessed on July 5th. It is so
nice to have so many family members who hold the priesthood
and are worthy to use that blessing. A lot of family members were
able to be there since it was the holiday weekend so it was fun to
share that with them. We didn't get a picture of
him in his outfit but this is one at the lunch after, isn't he so cute!

I finally finished up with school for the semester!
Whoever had the idea of summer school should be hurt...
Whoever had the idea of online classes should be hurt...
and Whoever thought that we should combine the two should be hurt!
I have never been a big school girl, so why I decided to take so many classes in the summer I am still not sure about! Not only that, but I am a huge procrastinator. I only do things right before they are due, so when my online class said everything was due on 7-27 by 11:59 p.m. I figured I was fine to wait a little while. It only showed 4 assignments and 4 test so I thought I would be fine. I was so wrong! One of those assignments was a general assignment that had 15 assignments in one! I started the class a week before it was due, and I finished at 11:55 p.m. on 7-27. I am pretty sure that I will never do an online class again!
Also this month I decided I would apply for an internship with Kassidy.
It was very last minute and so when I called I was lucky to getan interview on the very last day they were holding 1st interviews. For the second interview Kassidy and I had to go up together, and on the way home we decided we would just have fun and do whatever we wanted. It was one of the best trips I have ever had to Salt Lake!
First we decided to go over to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house.
I had never been inside of a temple, except for the baptisimal font, and it was so BEAUTIFUL!!!
I really was so happy that we went, because it is something that I don't know if I will be able to go to another open house for years!

We also decided that we would stop at the lavender fields. I had always wanted to stop and so had Kassidy so we decided why not! It was just before sunset when we got there and the lighting was perfect! We had so much fun running, and jumping throughout the field and taking tons of pictures to go with it. After we were done there we decided to drive over to the lake right by it and walk around there as well. It was so fun to just relax and take the side roads. It also really made me want to do a road trip sometime. Having all the time to just stop and view anything you want sounds like so much fun!

Well back to the internship! After the 2nd interview they told us we would know in about 2 weeks if we had got it or not. And boy did they keep us waiting forever!!! But when they finally did call we found out....WE GOT IT!!!! We are being sent to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands! We have a week of training in Salt Lake starting on 8-17, then we fly out on 8-22 and will be there until the begining of January. I can't believe that something I was so last minute about turned out to be such a great opportunity! And the fact that I get to go with my best friend is amazing! Once I get over there I promise I will try to keep the blog updated on all of our adventures!

4th of July

So obviously I am very behind on my blog!
Today I just plan on doing a catch up on the month of July.

To start things out I will do a run down of the 4th.
Anyone who has been to Richfield for the 4th knows
that it is a big deal here! I love the small
town celebration and enjoy it every single year!
The morning started with the whole family going down to the parade.
The kids love all the candy that is thrown,
and it is always fun to just sit back and watch the parade go by.

After the parade I headed down to the park with Kassidy for a bit, then
headed over to North Sevier for the family reunion. This year
we all got together over at the Maple Grove Campground.
It is always fun to get caught up with everyone and see what
they are all up to in their lifes. While their we decided it was time
to take a new picture of the single girl cousins. I love these girls
and I am so happy that we could get caught up.

That night the family went down to the football field to enjoy
the Richfield city fireworks. I think it is the best place to
watch the show each year because there is plenty of room for
the kids to run around and play while waiting for everything
to start. One of the funniest parts to the night was Travis's wife Kara.
Kara is in law school and so obviously she obeys the laws.
Watching her observations to all of the illegal fireworks that
go off in Richfield was hillarious. She kept saying things like,
"I can't believe all of these. This is so illegal. Where are the police?"
ha ha it was so funny!
After the city fireworks Kassidy and I played with firecrackers at
her house. I love sitting on her bridge throwing them into the water.
It was such a fun day! I love the 4th of July!