Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little Letters

Dear Taza @ The Rockstar Diaries: You inspired me to do these little letters from your own little letters! Thanks for making a very fun and exciting blog to read daily that makes me feel inspired to do more!

Dear Weather: Kassidy was going to teach me how to kayak today. Then you decided to do a 180 a half hour before we were to go. Please make this up to me before I leave for St. Thomas where I will need to know how to kayak.

Dear Del Sole: Thank you for selecting me for an internship. I can't wait to start. But why is your information packet taking so long to get here?

Dear Maurices: I have loved working for you and will miss you and my discount terribly when I leave.

And finally Dear Mom and Dad: I love you, but stop leaving me so often at night. I know I am a big girl, but I get scared in the house all by myself and the couch is no fun to sleep on!

Love to you all, Laurie

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