Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things that bug...

Lately I have noticed people using a lot of terms
that just rub me the wrong way.
Dont get me wrong its fine to use abreviations,
or have nick-names for people or things,
but sometimes it is best to keep them to yourself
or to the person who shares those feelings,
not post them pubicly on Facebook.

Sorry to anyone who uses these terms,
they are lame!
Please refrain from using them around me.

  • My Boy/My Girl (unless you are black, you sound like a loser referring to your friends this way, this is also different then putting the phrase "all the girls" or "the boys" or something referring to a large group under a picture.)
  • My BFF for every single friend you have (no obviously this person is not your Best Friend Forever if the last 5 friends you saw/talked about/took pictures with were your BFF! Pick one and even then can you just refer to them as your friend, or your good friend? Thanks!)
  • You went home to Richy...the town is called Richfield
  • You are going to R-Town...again the name is Richfield
  • Replacing the letter S with the letter Z...I am not the best speller in the world but at least I know the sound each of these letters make when used in a word, just saying (again if you are not black you look like a fool for using this)

These are just a few examples.
Sorry you get to hear my venting today!

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