Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Did you see?

Shabby Apple launched their new Central Park and Baja lines this week!

I am loving these from the Baja line

The Sundance Kid

The Travelor

And these from the Central Park Line

 The Bethesda Foutain

The Shakespeare Garden

and The Sheep Meadow

I love dresses!
I love Shabby Apple for making cute, modest dresses!

I want these plus the 5 or so other ones in the
Manhattan, Carousel and the 1943 collections!

And yes I know I have a shopping problem,
and that looking at these dresses doesn't help that!

Keep dreaming right...


  1. I loooove Shabby Apple! I only have 2 of their dresses, but I would wear pretty much everything they have if I could! I was a teensy bit dissapointed with the Baja reveal though, I like the A-line skirts a bit more like the Manhattan lines.

    I really love that yellow dress though and the Sundance Kid is the only one from the Baja line that I would think about buying!

  2. I was disapointed with it too, but at least there were a few cute dresses. The Manhattan and the 1943 have been my favorite lines hands down! I love classic styles like that. Plus I was sad the Baja had a lot of sleeveless or really short cap sleeves, I prefer the sleeve to come down a little bit longer personally!

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