Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm in love...

with this blog!

She has been mentioned on another blog I love

so tonight I decided to check it out

She thinks like me...
She phrases things the way I wish I could without being scared of what others might say

She does things I have thought of doing,
but then again got scared and disregarded the idea.

I am loving every word
It is my newest must read!

a little tease to prove just how wonderful this blog is:

So my dearest, darling-est, dreamiest husband-to-be, know this...

don't take me to the opera. or the rainbow room. don't take me in a carriage ride through central park or a weekend getaway. i'm not even sure i need you to get down on one knee. but do it on the door step. on the front stoop. sitting next to me. on the same level. turn to me and ask me to be your best friend, your lover, your absoulte equal. so that when we can go inside and begin our life together, as we've always known we should.

That being said, you sure as hell better ask my father first.  I believe in chivalry.  And I was raised in the South.

And even though I'm not from the South,
take note of that last still applies.

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