Friday, March 5, 2010

If it kills me

I heard this song today while getting ready and it made me think of this dance...

The first time I heard this sond was when this dance was
originally preformed on
So You Think You Can Dance! 
If you know me, you know that every since this time I have
become completely obsessed with this song!
It is the most played song on my computer
(which probably isn't showing a correct number since you have to listen to the whole thing for it to register you listening to it once!)
And it is also the most played song on my Ipod.
(if you know me at all, you realize that is huge!)

There are 2 versions of this song,
I recommend the accostic version,
it is so much better then the original!

Here is the full song

I honestly dont know why I love it so much,
I just do!

(Here is a link to the lyrics as well if you want)

Also I hope you have a great weekend!
Wish me luck on my test I have to take in the morning!

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