Saturday, March 6, 2010

I promise there wont be to many more...

But I still have a few pictures from St. Thomas that I need to put up on the blog.

While I was down there I did more then just play,
I worked over 40 hours a week.
The people in my store and building are people that
I came to really enjoy being with and
I miss them.

Me and Bev

Me and Melissa

Me, Geoffrey and Kassidy
He was the PL for the Carnival Vicotry.
The best was he started on that ship only
1 week after we got there.  So he was one that
learned with us, and it was always good to
see him every Monday!

Me and Mario
He had a little sunglass shop under the stairs
in the same building as Del Sol.
He was so funny and I definitly miss him!

Meagan and Laura
I dont know why I dont have a picture of
just me and Laura at work! 
But this picture of her and Meg is classic!

There are other girls I miss,
Arrika, Sheryl, Vanessa, and Tasha.
And there are times when I even miss
Jaliem and Brian.

It was definitly a different experience working down there,
but it was so great to learn about a whole
different market then one I am use to.
The cruise ship market is a great one at times,
but it is still hard!

I am so greatful for this learning experience!
Thanks again Del Sol for the amazing opportunity!

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