Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm a horrible blogger lately

Forgive me for slacking.
When you're planning a wedding,
working two jobs,
and just trying to find a moment to see your fiance,
blogging gets put on the back burner.

But here is a quick update on things.

First I left my job at Maurices.
It was hard, and I have been sad about it,
but I know it was for the best.

Second I started working at Wingers.
It has been a huge blessing.
It may be hard because I rarely have nights free
but I am so grateful for this job.

We were featured on our photographers website.
Our engagement session was so much fun.
We went to the International Peace Gardens
and just enjoyed the nice weather.
It was the only day that week that didn't rain,
so we really lucked out!

Lindsey has been such a fun photographer to work with.
I have been so happy to have her.

We are down to 2 weeks left before the wedding!!!

I am so happy we had the length of engagement we've had.
I needed this time to make sure everything was done,
and to just enjoy being engaged.

But now I am ready to be a wife.
To share a home with Nick.
And to start our life together.

I'll try to post soon.
But if I don't get back until July,
don't be too shocked.

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