Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Walking in a winter wonderland...

Well it is officially winter and Cedar City has had a ton of snow! Tiffany was amazing and purchased a snow shovel for our house (Thanks Tiff!) and we have had to use it a ton it seems like! But of course when it snows you have to play in it! She and I went to our friend Steve's house to chill one night and had so much fun! We made a snow-man, he was kinda small! We also made probably 30 or more snow-angels! That was way fun! After all that fun we went inside and drank hot chocolate! That is one of my favorite things in the winter!
A few nights later we ended up going to our friend Kami's house for a little bit. When we were going to leave my car got stuck in her drive way not once, not twice, not even three times, it got stuck four times!!! Talk about a joke! We had to have her neighbors come over and help push it out finally! So when we got home that night we decided that maybe we should shovel our driveway as well so that none of us got stuck the next morning trying to leave! So even though it was midnight the three of us took turns shoveling, and then enjoyed some more hot chocolate! UMMMM!

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  1. Cute pictures! (But I sure don't miss that much snow!)