Sunday, January 18, 2009

Goodbye To You!!!

Yes this blog is a little late in coming but as of January 1st at about 6:05 pm I no longer work for Verizon Wireless!!!! I may seem a bit excited, but that is because I am! I no longer have to drive 40 minutes everyday to a job that I HATED!!! Yes there were good things about Verizon, such as some of the people I met there and the great pay! But those things were not enough to keep me there after everything else that happened! It was a great 2 and a half years, I learned a lot. I wish I could thank everyone there that helped me grow as a person and an employee. Stephanie: I miss you so much! You made so many of those days when I just wanted to scream at certain people bearable! I never could have lasted as long ass I did without you there. Bri: Thanks so much for teaching me how fun life can be. I always loved all your treats, thanks for being the work mommy! Scott, Jay, Daniel and everyone else: Thanks for making me step outside of my bubble! I learned so much more about life from you. Verizon was great, but I am glad I am done for now!

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  1. Hey!!!!

    Keep your blog up- because I want to see what you are up to these days! I hope you are loving life now! Not gonna lie- its weird not to have you in this house! Love ya!