Friday, March 6, 2009

Dancing Through Life

Well it has been a long time since I posted anything, I guess it is about time! I have been keeping really busy with school. It is so crazy being back in school and having to deal with homework and classes and teachers, just everything that way! I am living in Richfield and attend Snow College. I have classes there on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I have class her on Tuesday and Thursday! So in general I am kept busy! But it is good. This semester is now half way over so I am very excited! After this semester I only have the summer then I will have my associate degree, so I am very excited!

I also recently finally got a job! I now work for Maurices in Richfield, and I love it! It has only been a few weeks so far, but I have so much fun there! I hope I can just discipline myself enough to actually bring home a pay check! ha ha! It has been pretty easy since I already had retail experience, but working in clothes is a much better fit for me! The girls I work with are awesome as well, so it will be good times!

Not much else has been going on though. I got another nephew on January 9th, his name is Ethan O'Nil Izatt. I can't wait until I get to see him! They will be coming out her in July so I am very excited. Also we are just getting ready to welcome a few more kids into the family. Angie is due in about two months, and Shalane is due in August! So our family is just growing like crazy!

I recently went to Cedar and was able to see my friends. I miss them so much! It was so great to see them again, I wish I lived with them still! Tiffany and I got to chill the most, and I miss her so much! I hadn't seen her in two months, and it had been way to long! While in Cedar my cousin Mckay was playing in the state basketball tournament for South Sevier. They made it to the state game, but sadly couldn't pull it out! I felt so bad for them! But he is only a junior, so hopefully they will do well next year! Also it is so crazy my cousin Sarah is getting married in the morning. She is a year and a half younger then me! Holy Cow do I feel old! But she has a great guy so I am very happy for her, it is just kinda odd to me is all!

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