Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Think I'm Ready For It...

Wow I really should work on updating this thing more often! ha ha Life has been good for me since my last post. I got a job at Maurices in Richfield (finally a job!!!) and it has been great! Now if I could just work on bringing home more money then! I love the girls I work with there though so that has really helped. This is a great environment for me and I finally love my job! The nice part too is that since I have a retail back ground it was really easy to adjust to this job, and since I love clothes it has been a fun and exciting adjustment!

School is coming to a close and I am so ready for it to be done! I have really enjoyed being back in school, even though sometimes it gets in the way of other things ha ha! This semester has gone by so quick it feels at the same time though! It is crazy to think I am already done with it (well in 2 weeks but still). I have signed up for summer classes though so no break for me! Then I have also decided to attend Snow this coming fall as well. The best part about this is the fact that I am going to move there so no more commuting for me!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I am so excited for that to be done. A year and a half of driving is far to long! Also by staying there I can work on getting my prerec's for my major done quicker and for less money! I have decided I am going to go into Elementary Education (which is funny because that is what I always wanted to do but then never got around to doing it ha ha!) It is a good fit for me I think and it should be really fun!

One thing that has been driving me crazy lately though is this stupid weather!!! It is April, snow should not be allowed! I hate driving to Ephraim when it is crappy weather, it is no fun. My one teacher always try's to tell me that Sevier and Sanpete have the same weather but he is so wrong! The other morning I left Richfield and the sun was shinning, then on my drive I was probably 10 feet from the Sanpete county sign and it started to rain and just got worse as I continued on my drive!!! I think that is proof enough that Sevier has better weather but either way it is time for it to warm up. I haven't even been burned yet this year, something is odd with that! ha ha

Other fun things that have happened since the last update are my cousin Sarah got married (crazy! she is younger then me by almost 2 years!) I also have enjoyed being able to chill with my family more and get closer with some of them. Tonight for example I went to a flag football game that was Keldon and Jim's team verses Kaden's team. It was freezing though so my parents, Amanda and I all left at half time. Also Jim and Angie are going to have their baby any day now so that will be fun! I love being the fun Aunt to all these kids and can't wait to spoil one more!

Speaking of being the fun Aunt one of my favorite things lately has been with Aubrey. If she comes over to our house in the morning (well really anytime of day that I am there lol) she comes up to me and say's, "I want make-up!" So we go down stairs and put make-up on and do our hair. She is so cute! I let her play with one brush and my one powder while I do everything else. We always listen to music while doing this as well and I have gotten her to start saying things like, "We need a good song" or "Dance to the fun song." It is so cute! I love it! And then after we are done she always has to "Go show mommy." When she does this though she always says "Come on Laurie" and take's my hand to go find Amanda. It is so fun! I love my Aub's!

Well hopefully I can work on keeping this updated more! Wish me luck! lol

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