Monday, October 5, 2009

More Little Letters

Dear General Conference: You were amazing! It was exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you to all of the inspired leaders of the church for giving such wonderful talks.

Dear Roommates: I love you! You are wonderful girls! I am sorry when I act like a brat, I swear it is nothing personal to you!

Dear girls at work: I would really appreciate it if you would all stop fighting with each other over sales in front of customers! So unprofessional! Also please work on showing up on time, not being on your cell phone constantly, and helping out around the store more, I am not the only person who knows how to fold a t-shirt!

Dear former managers: For all those times I gave you some major attitude (lets face it I am the queen of attitude!) I am sorry. I now know how annoying it is when employees wont do what you ask them to do! Sorry about that!

Dear Postal Service: My mom sent me a package over a week ago and it still has not arrived! I am not so happy about this! Please have it get here soon, or send it back to her so that I know it is not lost in the mail! I would cry if it becomes lost!

Dear St. Thomas: You have been wonderful to me so far, but really lets work on the price of food over here ok? Also lets not run out of water at our house again. I know I didn't have to pay to have it filled up but really that was just annoying!

Dear whoever is reading this: Obviously I am close to you or you wouldn't have this website. I love you and hope you are enjoying the beautiful fall weather that I am missing down here!

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