Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Its A Small World After All...

Living down here in St. Thomas I often miss different things about the states...especially Utah! So whenever I ask people for I.D. I often hope that they are from Utah so I can get even a little taste of home. It is so great when I can say I am from Richfield and people actually know where that is! lol! Yesterday was the craziest of these experiences though. The girls at Cariloha (a partner store with Del Sol that the other 3 interns down here work at) were helping people and Meagan asked for I.D. The customer was from Utah so they all started talking and Kassidy mentioned she is from Richfield. The customer then asks her if she knows Grant and Louise Stubbs! Of course she tells them yes and mentions that I work right next door. When they come next door I immediately recognized them, it was my mothers cousin Rob and his wife from Kaysville! It was so great to see someone that I actually know and talk with them! My store was really busy when they were in so we didn't get to talk long but I gave them each a hug and Rob took a picture of me and sent it to my mom's phone! ha ha! Like the song says, "Its A Small World After All...!"

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