Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's A Dead Man's Party...

Hello everyone! If you know me at all you know how much I love and adore holidays, especially Halloween!!! I have always loved the option of being someone else, even if it is just for the night! This year was so much fun! I dressed up as Alice in Wonderland (yes I was that 2 years ago and no I don't have blonde hair but oh well!) and went out on the town with my roommates. But our adventures for the night started the moment we walked out of the house. Our house has bars on every window and door (sometimes I feel like we are on house arrest or something!) and whenever we leave we just padlock the bars so no one can get in. Well we all walk out the door and lock the pad lock then get to the car and stand there. I looked at everyone and said, "Who has the keys?" No one had grabbed them off the counter!!! Well we couldn't pick the lock, and our landlord is out of town so we couldn't just grab the spare from her so we had to figure out another way in. Brynne helped Meagan and Kassidy up onto our balcony (the spot closet to the ground is about 7 or 8 feet high), they then slid a nail file inbetween our slidding doors to lift the lock and get us in the house! ha ha it was hillarious!
Once we got underway we went out to the Red Hook area of the island and chilled there. We met up with our Manager Laura at Fat Boys and took some pictures. Then when we were leaving another "fun" thing happened. Fat Boys is upstairs and is known for having really, really slick stairs and to make things worse they were wet! Well being the clutz that I am my one foot slipped out from under me and I practically did the splits on the stairs! Luckily I wasn't hurt at all and got an awesome bruise on my arm from this!
After Fat Boys we went over to Caribbean Saloon and listened to a local band called Bad Men play. They were really good and I can't wait for them to play again so we can go listen. We met up with the coasties there but left because it was way crowded! From there we went over to Duffy's and danced the night away! Of course we had to take some pictures with the "Missionary's" (I inspired their costumes, ha ha love it)! Anthony, Joss and Cory are so funny and we had a great time hanging out with them.

All in all Halloween was a fabulous time! I am sad I wasn't at home to see all of my nieces and nephews cute costumes but hopefully their moms will put pictures up soon so I can see! Hope everyone else had a great night as well!

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