Saturday, May 1, 2010

It SOLD!!!

So I listed my car on KSL this morning
(right after I posted my earlier blog post)
and within 5 minutes I was already having phone calls!
In less then 1 hour I had well over
20 calls from different people
plus over 200 page views on KSL!

I had two people who kept saying
they would pay me more
and finally I had to just say
the other people were already
on their way with cash, so its a done deal!

I sold it for $600 more then I listed it even.
Which is crazy to me!

It is kind of odd...
I loved that car!
And it has been in my family
for 10 years.
That is almost half of my life!

There was a time when I practically
lived in that thing!
(no really I did, shoes, make-up, clothes,
everything could be found in there!)
I know that I wanted it gone
and to get a new one
but I am still kind of sad to see it go.

Oh well guess its time for a new one!
Any suggestions?

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