Friday, May 7, 2010

Warning: You will most likely cry during the following

 A few months ago Kassidy introduced me to a blog.
It is called NieNieDialogues
and it is amazing.

Stephanie Nielson is a wife and mother who was in a
plane crash that left most of her body burned back in 2008.

Her blog is usually just short little updates about the small things in life.
Playing with her kids, making breakfast, taking care of the house,
but with each one she helps remind everyone that these are the most
important things in life, being with your family.

Well now she has done a video with Mormon Messages on YouTube
about this new life of hers.

Watch it, but like I said you just might need a tissue!
Then check out her blog sometime!

sorry part of it gets cut off, go here to watch it on YouTube

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