Monday, August 9, 2010

Gummy Worming!

The other night I was in high school again
or maybe middle school even
but it was so much fun

My niece Lydia and my sister-in-law's
two sisters Sara and Rosie were staying at my house for the night
and I decided we needed to do something fun and adventurous

so we went Gummy Worming!

In case you don't know what this is let me explain...
1. Buy original type of gummy worms, not the sour ones
2. Get most of the said gummy worms wet, usually by putting them in your mouth
3. Flick wet gummy worms around so they get nice and sticky
4. Drive around town and find unsuspecting people or cars
5. Throw gummy worms at said people or cars

(please keep in mind we live in a very small town
where mischeif like this is not uncommon)

These girls were a blast to do this with!
I mainly was just the driver, but I got in a few good ones myself.
I also made sure we were listening to proper music
Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga and Ke$ha.
Yeah we know how to jam.

(action shots are always the most unflattering,
but the funniest!)

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