Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If you see a Guy reach for stars in the sky...

Last Saturday my mom and I went to Salt Lake for the day.
We attended a luncheon at a country club
(it sounds so fancy!)
went shopping at the Gateway
and then that evening we attended
Guys and Dolls!

I was so excited for this for 2 reasons:
1. I was a hotbox dancer for this play in high school
2. One of my best friends Scotty was Benny!

I love this play and this was a great production of it!
I was so impressed with most of the lead characters
but Miss Adelaide was my favorite!
(I wish I had a picture!)
She was awesome and kind of stole the whole show.

But the other best part was watching Scotty do something he loves!

(sorry this one was taken on my phone)

I have known Scotty for about 4 years now
and I knew he sang,
I knew he use to do plays in high school,
but I had never seen him perform.

He did AWESOME!!!
I was so proud!
It was also hilarious to watch him dance.
And Benny was the perfect part for him
because sometimes while he was up there
he was just being himself, not playing a part.

My mom laughed at me for laughing at him,
but I couldn't stop!

I almost hope I can go again when I am up there this weekend!

Good job Scotty!
I hope you start doing plays more often!


  1. You can bet that he's doin it for some doll!! This play is one of my favorites! Where are they performing it? I love this post a bushel and a peck :)

  2. It is in Sandy. They close this weekend but it really was so great! It is outside so you can sit on chairs or bring a blanket and sit on the lawn.