Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 3

A photo that makes you happy

The following photo not only makes me happy
but cracks me up!

Please note the following things:
  • I am wearing 3 shades of blue
  • Kassidy's face
  • Our creative use of fruits and veggies

I think it is safe to say that
Kassidy would kill me for posting this picture!
Good thing she doesn't ready this blog!

Love you Kass!

This photo was taken shortly after I had moved to Cedar.
It was the first big snowfall since I was living there,
so as soon as I got home from work Kassidy and I
decided we needed a snowman in our yard.

The snow was so powdery so it wouldn't pack
and we were freezing by the time we were done,
but it was so much fun!

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