Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Happy List

I'll get around to finishing up my photo challenge
I promise.

But today I am posting a happy list.
Because I need a little lift of happiness today.

And since it is December,
I am making it a December/Christmas themed happy list,
to keep in the spirit of things.

  1.  My Dad, Kenzie and Rebecca. (December birthday's)
  2. The Light Parade
  3. Christmas music and movies
  4.  Hot Chocolate
  5. Home made candies
  6. Snow
  7. The decorations and lights
  8. Modern Medicine
  9. New pajama's and socks to wear Christmas Eve
Not all of these are December/Christmas themed
some I just need to express my thanks for.
But I am so happy for each one of these beautiful things.

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