Monday, February 14, 2011

I Think I Wanna Marry You!

IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!

I got engaged on Friday, February 11th!

He was so cute with planning everything out.

When I came out from work on Friday there was an empty vase on my car
and a CD that said "The Journey of Love."

I put the CD in and it was Nick telling me that I was going on a scavenger hunt!
He then had placed some of my favorite songs on the CD and gave me directions to my next destination.
On the drive there he told me cute memories or reasons why he loves me.
(How sweet is he?  I am one lucky girl!)

I had a few stops where I found a new CD and 3 roses at each one.
First was Amanda's house,

Then Keldon's house,

Then Jim's house,

Then my house.

After that I had to find his brother who gave me a ride to my final destination.

Nick was waiting for me at a look out over Richfield where we go often to talk.

When I got there he led me down a path of rose petals,

up onto some of the rocks,

got down on one knee and proposed.

My response was YES!!!! OF COURSE!!!!

Funny side note:  Once we were up on the rocks,
but before he got down on one knee he told me to check his pockets.
For the last few weeks every time I saw him I would playfully hit his pockets
to make sure that he didn't have my ring.
And every time he would tell me that he was going to have it in his sock.
So when he said this I checked his pockets, and they were empty.
As he knelt down he pulled the ring out of his sock.
I loved it and it made me laugh!

Another funny fact is that I was wearing 4 inch heels
and had to climb up on the rocks.
But I rocked it,
just in case you were wondering!

I loved that he had our friends Scott and Holly
there with him the whole time,
so we have some great pictures from the whole thing!

I love you Nick!
Thank you for being so amazing,
and for wanting to be with me FOREVER!

We have picked July 6th as our wedding day,
and we will be married for Time and all Eternity

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