Friday, April 23, 2010

I never told you my story

I just realized I never told you my story of why my hips hurt so bad!

I think it is pretty funny
so I hope you will too!

A few weeks ago a good friend sent me a text asking if I wanted to go for a four wheeler ride.
I love stuff like that so I said that sounded great!

Well when I got to his house he said we could take a four wheeler or the go-cart.
I had never been in a go-cart before
so I picked that one!

It was so much fun.
He is one of those guys that makes everything so fun,
and will just go kind of crazy with things,
but I know the whole time that even though he is driving
a little bit crazy,
I am perfectly safe.

Well we were a few miles out when we stopped for a minute
and he realized he didn't have his cell phone anymore!
Mine is a touch screen so I had left it at his house
so it wouldn't break.

We drove back and looked around for it
but couldn't see it so gave up and
hoped that it was just at his house.

We went back out and he let me drive a little and it was so much fun.
Then we started going off road a little bit
and decided to take this tunnel that goes under the freeway.

Well about 3/4 of the way through
the go-cart DIED!!!


So we pushed it back to the side we came in from
and all we could do was start walking home.

It was hilarious.

I had no problem walking back
(which was around 6 miles)
and it was the perfect chance to talk
and get to know each other better.

When we got to his home
we immediately got in the truck,
loaded up the four-wheeler on the trailer
and headed back to get the go-cart.

As soon as we got out of the truck where
the go-cart was I knew I was in trouble.

Side note: I have had bad hips for years.
When I use to dance I would have to have another girl stand on my legs to help pop them so I could do everything the way I was supposed to.
So why I didn't think a 6 mile walk over a
bumpy, rocky road with hills wouldn't affect them
I don't know.

Anyway the muscles cooled when I was sitting in
the truck and as much as it hurt
I was not about to admit that
I was DYING from pain!

So I was a trouper.
I helped unload the four wheeler
hooked up the cables so we could jump the go-cart
and walked along that bumpy road for a little bit all over again!

Then to top the evening off
we were spot-lighted by a cop from the freeway
and pulled over once we were back in town!

So yeah needless to say
It was a very eventful night!
But it was great!

I would do it all again,
even if it means I cant walk the next day!

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