Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So apparently...

I have issues with shipping and delivering services.
Last week UPS and I had problems.
This week it is the United States Post Office...again!

First let me just say, this is not the first time that I have not been the biggest fan of the post office.
It started quite some time ago. 
Dont believe me?
Heres a list to prove that they are dumb:
  • If my car is within 5 feet of our mail box, they wont stop to deliever the mail!  Even if it is not directly in front of it, and they have plenty of space to get to it, they wont! 
  • Every time I go in there to send something, this one lady treats me like I dont know anything.  She talks down to me, she glares at me through her glasses, the whole bit.  But the moment I go in there with my dad or brother or anyone else, she is all smiles and really helpful.  What the crap did I ever do to you lady?
  • The very first package my mom sent to St. Thomas took 23 days!  Seriously?  How does it take 23 days to get 1 package?  My roommates all got packages that were sent after mine, before me.
  • My friend sent me a Christmas package to St. Thomas.  He sent it on December 6th, it got to St. Thomas on January 18th.  I left St. Thomas on January 2nd.  Sweet thanks post office for sucking again!  Luckily Laura was so sweet and sent it to me in Utah, minus a few of the treats that had gone bad in the time it took to get to me in the first place.

Then today just added to the list.  I go there to mail 2 things.  Simple things that would take at the very longest 5 minutes.  When I get in there no one else is there.  In the time it took me to write down the addresses, 2 people were in line.  2 people no big deal right?  Wrong!  The other lady that works at the local post office is so slow that it took over 20 minutes to help these 2 women!  20 minutes!  One of them only had 1 item she was mailing!  Grrrr...

So basically thanks USPS for wasting my time
again and again and again!

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