Friday, April 23, 2010


I am the girl:
  • that will pick the accoustic version of a song over the real one every time
  • that gets bored of her hair so often that no one knows what my natural hair color is (not even me anymore! Although I think it is a light brown now...)
  • wears high heels 7 days a week, even if my feet are killing me, because I like how I feel in them
  • speaks her mind, good or bad, and I dont feel bad for that
  • will notice the song playing in a store, even if there are 50 other people talking around me
  • prefers Pepsi, but I will drink Coke just as easily
  • loves dressing up in dresses because it makes me feel girly and like I am back in time
  • wishes life was a Musical, because who doesn't want everyone to break into the perfect song and dance?
  • who doesn't enjoy hiking, but the mountains are my favorite place in the world
  • loves the sun, but hates what it does to my skin
and I love my life


  1. This is all the reasons I love you!! And think you need to move to salt lake soon!!

  2. I agree with Tiffany! These are the reasons why people LOVE you! I love reading your blog because it always reminds me of the girl I hid for the longest time! But I'm happy with her now, just like you've always been!!! You're an awesome friend, Laurie, and you know I love you!!!