Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday Nights Alright

When I went up to Provo for Kami's birthday I ended up staying for the weekend. That Saturday was pretty chill, just shopped a little and hung out at the house. Then that night we went up Provo Canyon. Kami gave herself a long board for her birthday and needed to try it out. Kassidy and I were the transportation car so while we waited for them to go down the canyon we went up to Sundance. Kassidy had never been up there during the summer, and I love the mountains in early summer so we walked around and took some pictures. As soon as I get them from Kassidy I will post them!

When it was time to pick Kami and the other girls up, we figured we would give them an extra ten minutes (because Kami is always late) and they still took another fifteen minutes after that! So Kassidy and I took this picture while waiting for them. ha ha!

That Sunday we went to church at a science building on BYU campus (that was really odd being in a classroom for church!) Then that night we went over to our friend Crysany's house for dinner. Crysany got married last summer so she was so cute and cooked for us. It was so fun to see her with her husband and how great they fit together. I had never seen them together and could never picture it, but they are an awesome fit!

The next day I had the chance to go to Lagoon with my friend Scotty and his family. They are some of the nicest people so it was great to spend some time with them. I also had not seen Scotty in a few months so it was good to catch up with him. We had a ton of fun at the park then met up for dinner with Kassidy. The picture of me is while we were waiting for Wicked. Scotty took it and I actually really like it! The other is obviously right before we went on SkyCoaster!

After dinner Kassidy and I headed over to the E Center for the No Doubt concert!!!! It was AMAZING!!!! I think it could very easily be my favorite concert I have ever been too! They are awesome live! I love when a band sounds the same as on a cd, but change up a few things and put on a great show with it! And they did all of this! They also had Paramore and The Sounds open for them, so it was great. Paramore was great live, and The Sounds were ok. Really though I would pay for it all again to see No Doubt! I am so happy I went to this concert! Thanks Kassidy for going with me! I know I look horrible in this picture so when I get the one from Kass I will switch it out!

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