Friday, May 8, 2009

Six years ago today our family had an angel sent to us for a very short time. Madison Angie Stubbs was born May 8, 2003 at 22 1/2 weeks. I remember this day like it was yesterday and will share what I remember of that day. You don't need to read it unless you want to, but this was how I felt.

The night before Shalane went to the hospital with contractions and they gave her medicine to stop the labor. When we went to school the next day we hadn't heard anything about how she was doing so my mom said she would call us if anything happened. After 1st period I was walking to my next class and a kid splashed mud on my pants so I went to the office to ask my mom to bring me some new ones so they wouldn't get ruined. I walked into the office right as Margaret Khyl, the secretary, was getting off the phone. As soon as she looked at me I just knew. She walked over towards me and asked if I knew what class Amanda was in and started to walk with me down the hall. My mom had called and we were supposed to go to the hospital. I went to Brother Poulsens class and got Amanda and we went to the hospital. When we got there my parents told us that the contractions wouldn't stop and that there was nothing else the hospital could do to stop the baby from coming. At this point I went kinda numb. We sat and waited in a room next door while Shalane's sisters showed up, and other family members kept coming. While we were waiting we started to talk about if the baby would be a boy or a girl. Shalane is the oldest of six girls and so all of her sisters wanted it to be a boy. My family had already had two little girls born two months before and one other one due a few months later so I thought it would be a girl. Finally just after three the nurse came and got the parents and they went in the room so that the dad's could help Keldon give her a name and a blessing. After that was done we were allowed to come in the room a few at a time to hold her and see her. She weighed 14 oz. and was 11 inches long. She lived for 1 hour and 47 minutes. That night Mariann and Sam showed up. They had already been planning a surprise visit and they just drove through the night so that they could be there for the funeral and all the planning of that. It was a very touching experience to have this sweet spirit brought to our family, for even a short time. I am so grateful for my family. Keldon and Shalane are amazing parents and have since had two adorable children, and have one more on the way. I am so thankful for them and they are amazing! I love them and hope they know that!

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  1. Hey laurie--that was so sweet! You are always so good to remember her--better than most, I appreciate it! What a day that was, I am glad I can look back on it now and have some really special memories and not feel sad.
    We love you too, and hope you know that!